Jaskiran Bajwa

As a dedicated family lawyer with a passion for finding amicable solutions, Jaskiran is committed to helping families navigate the complexities of divorce and family law matters through collaboration and negotiation; however she is ready to go to court when needed for her clients.

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Jaskiran’s undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Alberta provides her with a deep understanding of the emotional and financial toll that legal disputes can take on families, Jaskiran strives to guide clients towards amicable resolution that work for their family. She firmly believes that collaboration and negotiation are often the most effective means of resolving family law disputes, allowing clients to maintain control over the outcome while preserving important family relationships.

Jaskiran is not only a skilled legal advocate but also a compassionate counselor who listens attentively to clients' concerns and tailors strategies to meet their unique needs. With Jaskiran by your side, you can trust in her dedication to finding collaborative solutions when possible. When all else fails, Jaskiran stands ready to zealously represent her clients' interests in court, drawing on her extensive courtroom experience to secure fair and just resolutions, especially in high conflict family law disputes. Jaskiran has successfully represented numerous clients in both the Alberta Court of Justice and the Court of King’s Bench.

Outside of the courtroom, Jaskiran is an individual of diverse interests and a strong commitment to personal well-being. Born and raised in Edmonton, she headed to the University of Saskatchewan for her law degree, where she honed her legal skills and developed a passion for family law. When not in the office or advocating for her clients, Jaskiran enjoys spending quality time with her family, which includes her two beloved bunnies. Additionally, Jaskiran is an avid enthusiast of the small screen, indulging in the occasional binge-watching session to unwind and recharge.

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