McKayle Murphy

McKayle has been working as a legal assistant for 10 years. Although she has mainly worked in Family Law, she has also worked in Civil, Criminal, Wills and Estates, Immigration and Personal Injury Law.

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McKayle uses her experience in other fields of law and her tech savvy knowledge to help her clients.

Having gone through the family law process as well, McKayle applies her personal understanding and is compassionate and eager to help clients in anyway that she can while they are navigating their difficult family matters. She has the experience to tackle any problems that may arise and is always willing to take the time to learn and expand her knowledge. 

When McKayle is not in the office, she is at home spending time with her 2 children, her cat and her dog. She and her family have found a love for “nerding out” over Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Monty Python and other nerdy activities. Being the oldest of 10, she also can be found spending time with her large family.

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